Whatsapp fingerprint feature has come in android mobile

Whatsapp fingerprint feature has come in android mobile. Hello friend, if you use Android mobile and if it has a fingerprint feature, then you can also use it in your WhatsApp application. This means that now you can also apply the fingerprint feature in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp news for  fingerprint lock feature

Because Whatsapp has just added this fingerprint feature to your app a few days ago if you have not updated your WhatsApp then update it. After that, you can apply this fingerprint feature in your WhatsApp.
Whatsapp fingerprint feature

After that, no one can open your WhatsApp without your fingerprints, you know how to turn on the fingerprint feature in WhatsApp.

How to turn on the fingerprint lock feature in WhatsApp

If you have not updated your WhatsApp before, update it.

Note: - You can turn this fingerprint feature on your mobile only when your WhatsApp is updated and your mobile will also sport the fingerprint feature.

After that, you have to turn off your mobile once and then turn it on so that all the files of the new WhatsApp are installed in your mobile properly.

Now you have to turn on your WhatsApp application, after that, you will see three points upwards in the right side of your mobile, you have to click on them.

Now you will see the setting below and click on it.

After that, you have to go to account settings.

Here you will see the privacy written on the first number itself, click on it.

After that you go towards the bottom of the screen, then you will see the fingerprint disabled at the bottom, click on it and enable it and you have to put your finger on the fingerprint sensor of your mobile, after that your  WhatsApp fingerprint lock feature will be enabled.

Now you have to see that after how long you want to apply it like if you keep it on your Whatsapp for 1 minute and you are not talking to anyone on it, then after a minute it automatically It will be used or you can apply it after 30 minutes.

The first option in which you are immediately visible, that is, at the same time when you stop using WhatsApp, it will work by looking at your face, if your face is in front of the mobile screen then it will not be seen and if you remove your mobile even a little bit If we do it will only take place.